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AI Platform

AI predictive hospitality solution for vacation rental managers (VRM)
and the hospitality industry.


Conversion rate increase

Industry-leading vacation rental management company drives significantly more bookings with Aidaptive predictive personalization solutions.


Clickthrough rate increase

Leading boutique vacation rental management company sees a major boost in clickthrough rate on recommendations for repeat website visitors and past customers.​


Revenue increase

Leading hospitality management company sees increased customer satisfaction and revenue almost double with AI and machine learning-powered personalization.

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Drive more bookings. Get happier customers.

Predict intent and preferences faster

Connect your data to start personalizing instantly, including to new anonymous visitors based on real-time behavior and similarities to current customers.

Boost listing discovery and engagement

Be more relevant from the jump to get more first-party data faster. The more engagement and intelligence gathered, the better the personalization gets.

Drive more and more direct bookings

Drive the initial reservation sooner and progressively personalize further product offerings to increase booking value and improve customer experience.

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“The big goal of bringing Aidaptive on board was to push towards the direct booking contribution. So making sure we’re getting the right properties in front of the right guests and making sure we’re using personalization throughout that user journey.”

Dale Smith

Founder & Director, Host & Stay

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