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Bearbottom Clothing boosts monetization with Predictive Recommendations


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Waggfluence increases cart-size with Predictive Recommendations


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Gemini Sound improves website efficiency with Predictive Recommendations

Seamless Integration With Your eCommerce Platform:

how aidaptive works

Turn every visitor into a VIP shopper.

Feed data into the predictive personalization engine

The more data, the more intelligence that gets built up, and the more powerful the engine gets.

Automatically predict & personalize

Analyze new data and personalize your key revenue touchpoints in real-time.

Launch personalization touchpoints

Ramp up the data collected and relevance for customers by deploying more touchpoints.

Delivering no-brainer results to your business

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Unique and personalized shopping experiences on autopilot.

Predict intent and preferences faster

Connect your data to start personalizing instantly, including to new anonymous visitors based on real-time behavior and similarities to current customers.

Boost product discovery and engagement

Be more relevant from the jump to get customers engaging with your products. The more engagement, the better the personalization gets moving forward.

Drive more and more conversions

Drive the initial add-to-cart sooner and progressively personalize further product placements to increase order value and improve customer experience.

Because some touchpoints matter more. Auto-personalize the moments where customers decide to buy or leave.


The products or listings you suggest

Site Search & Browse

The products or listings visitors seek


The products or listings you send


The amount you ask visitors to pay

Don’t take just our word for it:

“From a hard number standpoint, we saw clearly an increase in clickthrough rates on the recommendations and searches, on revenue per customer and visitor to the site, to the cart size, and the overall conversion rate, they all improved significantly.”

Josh Firestone

CMO, Bearbottom Clothing

Give your anonymous shoppers
a personalized and authentic brand experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Aidaptive do?

It gives your shoppers an individual and personalized shopping experience while delivering increased CVR, AOV, and revenue to your business.

Founded by the Google AI team behind Google Adwords and Payments, Aidaptive is an eCommerce AI platform that runs in the background and augments your current store with automated product recommendation, predictive site search, smart merchandising and marketing enablement capabilities that push individual product recommendations to your favorite marketing tools and channels.

It is an intelligent and self-learning platform using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that display only the BEST results to your customers on your store or marketing channels 24/7. By best, we mean the products with the highest chance of being purchased. The truth is, there's a very sophisticated technology running calculations 24/7 in the back of your store that captures information from multiple sources and matches that with the profile of your new or existing customers, making sure only the products with the highest probability of being bought by that person are shown or prioritized.

Do I need to implement the Aidaptive platform at once or can I deploy the different modules one at a time?

You may deploy Aidaptive solutions individually or together. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your store's unique needs.

Can Aidaptive's ecommerce AI platform provide personalized experiences for both new and returning customers?

Yes. Aidaptive leverages whatever data is known about a web visitor in order to identify how similar that shopper is to all the past purchases in the store's history. Even if a shopper is anonymous and visiting the site for the first time, data about their device, location, traffic source and other elements still enable substantial personalization opportunities.

Besides Product Recommendations, can Aidaptive power site search too?

Yes. Aidaptive Predictive Search is available to fully power website search as well as merchandising and marketing. Aidaptive Predictive Search can easily replace your current third-party search tool with a powerful and intelligent solution.

Aidaptive Predictive Search also supports toggling between different search models & optimization objectives, while also supporting various overrides, including redirects and product boosts.

How fast can Aidaptive's solutions be up and running?

While each store is different, Aidaptive's onboarding can often be completed within 24 hours.

Does Aidaptive's platform impact website speed?

No. It does not.

How much data does Aidaptive eCommerce AI Platform need to be effective?

While the rule of thumb is that "more data is better," Aidaptive can leverage whatever data is available to enable improvements to your shopper experience. If a brand expects to scale, it's never too early to begin personalization.

How much work does it take to launch the solutions?

Aidaptive's customer success team handles everything for the initial launch and you only need to provide the proper access and final approval to launch.

Will my Shopify store experience any interruptions while Aidaptive is being implemented?

No. To ensure a successful deployment, Aidaptive suggests creating a duplicate copy of your current theme in order to configure your Aidaptive deployments before publishing the updated theme.

Does Aidaptive integrate with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Triple Whale, and other solutions?

Yes, it does. For the full list of integrations, please reach out to us.

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“The Aidaptive team is really good. They were very clear on how to get started, and within 24 hours we were live. They’re open to feedback on our calls – it’s a good experience.”

Silas Lepcha

GM of Product & Marketing

AI Technology Recognition


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