Predict & personalize automatically

Predictive personalization engines for eCommerce and Hospitality that drive revenue on autopilot.

  • Conversions 36%
  • Revenue Per Visit 27%

Why Aidaptive?

Some touchpoints matter more. Auto-personalize the moments where customers decide to buy or leave.


The products or listings you suggest

Site Search & Browse

The products or listings visitors seek


The products or listings you send


The amount you ask visitors to pay

…these are revenue touchpoints.Aidaptive automatically personalizes them for every single visitor to drive you more revenue.

Automatic predictive analysis & personalization

Predict the best products to promote to every person based on dozens of personalization factors, automatically. No manual rules to setup or optimize.

Enterprise-grade machine learning power

Aidaptive is powered by Jarvis ML technology, built by the same folks that build Google Ads machine learning. It’s enterprise power, democratized.

More relevant offerings = happier, loyal customers

Drive more first-time purchases, grow shopping cart size, and bring customers back over and over. Because relevance builds brand affinity and trust.

how aidaptive works

Launch a continuous growth flywheel

Feed data into the predictive personalization engine
The more data, the more intelligence that gets built up, the more powerful the engine gets.
Automatically predict & personalize
Anlayze new data and personalize your key revenue touchpoints in real-time.
Launch more personalization touchpoints
Ramp up the data collected and relevance for customers by deploying more touchpoints.


Turn your data into more revenue

Fuel predictive personalization success with data you already have from the tools you already use.


Explore predictive personalization
use cases for your business



Deliver product and listing recommendations that convert across the customer journey.


Drive dynamic pricing and promotions for every customer based on purchasing power.


Deliver site search results that better match search intent, preferences, and affinity.


Showcase the right products and listings across the customer journey automatically.



Turn your online storefront into an automated revenue generation machine with Predictive eCommerce.


Turn your website into the preferred destination for direct bookings with Predictive Hospitality.

success with aidaptive

A white-glove partner in your success

“I think there was a meaningful difference between Salesforce and Jarvis results because the Jarvis machine learning continuously retrained and improved its models.”
Shelley Tolbert
Director of Marketing, Twiddy
“Jarvis introduced personalized widgets across our Shopify -- this led to more clicks, more people staying on the site longer, more conversions, and it affected a variety of other KPIs that are all getting better and better.”
David Cabasso
VP of Product Dev & Marketing, Gemini
“The Jarvis team is really good. They were very clear on how to get started, and within 24 hours we were live. They’re open to feedback on our calls – it’s a good experience.”
Silas Lepcha
GM of Product and Marketing, Waggfluence

Enterprise predictive technology and expertise, at your service.

We partner with every customer to drive success. White-glove implementation and support is included.


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