Introducing Aidaptive, powered by Jarvis ML

by | Nov 1, 2022

Jarvis ML is now Aidaptive!

Aidaptive’s predictive personalization engines give online businesses the power to automatically predict the affinity and intent of prospective customers, then deliver personalized content to them in real time. 

Powered by Jarvis ML, Aidaptive’s mission is to empower any sized eCommerce or hospitality brand with the power of enterprise-grade machine learning.

Aidaptive’s Predictive Recommendations and Predictive Search products are focused, plug-and-play solutions that personalize critical touchpoints of the customer journey.

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To learn more about predictive personalization, read the guide:

For more on predictive recommendations, check out this post: 

The new Aidaptive website is live and we encourage you to explore: 

Since its $16M seed funding, Aidaptive is rapidly growing its team to support customer base and to launch new innovative products.

What’s the story?

Rakesh Yadav – Aidaptive’s Founder & CEO – launched the company after 14 years of building the Machine Learning Operations platform behind Google Ads and Payments. As Yadav explains:

“We’ve discovered so many powerful use cases to apply machine learning given the prolific data generated by online behavior – my goal is to empower direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to take control of their data instead of leaving it in the hands of the big-tech giants.
Predictive personalization is our first solution: predict the affinity and intent of every person, then automatically deliver relevant material to each individual.”

Why is it so important to understand and personalize to online consumers?

A research report by Think With Google titled Decoding Decisions: Making sense of the messy middle offers insight about the intricate nature of purchase decisions. “The messy middle is a complex space for marketers, where customers are won or lost but, from the consumer perspective, people are doing what they’ve always done” (page 95). 

These online paths are immensely complex and unique per-person.

Aidaptive’s predictive personalization was built to untangle troves of 1st party data and activate it for D2C brands to treat their customers as unique individuals.

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