Jarvis ML Raises $16M to Democratize Enterprise-Grade Machine Learning

Since the formation of Jarvis ML in April 2021 we have come so far – and in such a short time! Almost right at the one year mark (our “birthday” was April 15, 2021), we’ve hit a milestone that is worth celebrating.

I’m excited to announce the close of our Seed Preferred funding round – totaling $16 million! Here’s the press release and the TechCrunch article that broke that story.

We are privileged to have this funding led by Dell Technologies Capital (DTC), with additional participation by SHAKTI and more than a dozen veteran angel investors – all listed on our About page. While a group of investors like this stands out for their deep technical experience in data science, predictive analytics, and machine learning – and for their accomplishments in building and leading highly successful technology companies – what means the most to me is how much they believe in and support the promise of Jarvis ML.  

Daniel Docter sits as the managing director at DTC – and has joined Jarvis ML’s Board of Directors. He shares some kind words about our team and the market:

“Fundamentally, every business, no matter what stage or sector, will need to be data driven to succeed. Rakesh has an insatiable appetite to help companies solve this need. What he and his team at Jarvis ML have accomplished in less than a year is impressive but comes as no surprise. When it comes to applying world class ML to solving business problems, Rakesh practically wrote the book.”

Building out our grand vision for Jarvis ML is going to take time and determination. Along the way we plan to make friends, have fun, and solve major pains for businesses of all walks. Our goal, after all, is to democratize machine learning by alleviating data chaos. Jarvis ML will see to it that any company that wants to be data driven is able to call themselves a machine learning company.

I feel like that was almost inevitable. After spending many years at Google building the ML infrastructure for Google Ads and Payments, it’s in our DNA to help businesses understand, organize, and extract value from the chaos in their data.

One specific objective we’ve focused on is to reduce the time and operational overhead necessary to turn data into valuable intelligence, and that intelligence into action. Today we translate data chaos into tangible value for our customers most often by accelerating sales, and doing so more sustainably and with greater efficiency.

We’re initially focused on alleviating such data disorder in the eCommerce and Hospitality verticals. Today, Jarvis ML enables sellers and service providers to personalize every touchpoint a prospective customer has with a brand – both online and offline. Applying Jarvis intelligence to their datasets unlocks tremendous revenue growth potential, and eases operations and marketing costs. As I hope you’ll get to experience, our team gets fired up about helping clients with these high-impact business goals.

And in the 100+ discussions we’ve had with businesses of all types (many of whom are now customers), we’ve learned a lot (a ton, in fact). I want to thank all of these folks – we’ve been lucky enough to partner with some intellectually honest, curious, and vocal teams that have helped us sharpen the products we’re building. 

Coming back to Jarvis ML for a moment. Our team is the heart of the company and includes an international group of machine learning and technology company veterans, many of whom I was lucky to have worked with in the past. The team is central to our success, and with this funding round – we’re excited to grow our operations and hire more amazing people. 

The news of this funding announcement has us excited and grateful. While building a company is both fun and challenging, It’s energizing to see our team coming together to solve interesting challenges and create something that truly helps our customers.

Interested in joining our team? You can apply here, I’d love to talk with you – even if you don’t see a position that directly aligns with your skillset. We’re seeking out smart and driven individuals across all functions!

So what’s next? 

With added fuel to the fire – both capital and the expertise from the team at Dell Technologies Capital – we are firing on all cylinders to get this rocket ship flying faster and adapting even more quickly. 

And if you’re working with an eCommerce operation and are looking to layer in actionable intelligence on top of your existing systems and data, our business development team would love to explore whether Jarvis can help accelerate your rocket ship – contact them here or at [email protected]


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