This AI-powered Design Company Helps You Improve Your Property’s Interior and Your Bottom Line

AI-powered Design Company

If you think fast furniture is good enough, in the competitive world of short-term rentals, think again. Design plays a crucial role in attracting guests, increasing bookings, and improving customer reviews. A well-designed listing stands out from the crowd, captivates potential guests, and creates a positive and memorable experience. 

Fülhaus, a decade-old turnkey interior design and furnishing service for the vacation rental industry, has recently developed an AI-powered interior design and furnishing platform for vacation rental managers and property owners to achieve better design results and gain a competitive advantage. And the data says it all. 

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High-Performance From Thoughtful Furnishing

There’s plenty of data to support the correlation between good interior design and increased property value. A report from The Modern Space shows that it can add 12% on average to a property’s sale price. There’s also considerable evidence that amenities like an in-home gym or a chef’s kitchen can increase a guest’s likelihood to book. The latest data suggests this also extends to the design of a space, down to furniture choices, color palettes, and room layouts. Investing in comfortable, stylish furniture that complements the overall design aesthetic can make a difference to guest experience.  

In a recent study by Bankrate of the most popular interior design styles with hundreds of prices on Zoopla, they determined that properties that emphasize this style see on average a 59% increase in property value. A similar analysis performed by Airdna, found that property managers that had designed their rental properties with services like those offered by Fülhaus saw as much as a 63% increase in ADRs (average daily rates) above the local average and 26% increase in occupancy rates. 

Photography is only as good as the subject

Aesthetics play a crucial role in attracting potential guests to your listing. Strong photography is highly favored by major OTAs due to its significant impact on the overall guest experience and booking conversion rates. VRBO provides a photography guide right on their website that you can copy for your direct booking website

“The most important thing is, the first photo in your listing should be three things: professional, different, and eye-catching.”

— Kenneth Purdom, Real Estate Photographer

Additionally, visually captivating images improve the overall user experience on the platform, leading to longer browsing sessions and increased bookings. By prioritizing designs and strong photography, hosts can increase their listing’s visibility, attract more potential guests, and ultimately improve their performance on listing sites. 

Experts recommend paying attention to color schemes, textures, and decorative accents that create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment. Strive for a balance between style and functionality, ensuring that your property exudes charm and captivates potential guests right from the first glance. When in doubt, utilize professional photography for improved listing visibility.

Vacation Rental furnishing companies like Fülhaus, have developed AI tools to help property owners and managers get there faster and more affordably

One crucial aspect of creating an exceptional guest experience is the design and furnishing of your property. Factors like audience, location, and always-changing styles can make furnishing a vacation rental seem overwhelming. 

This is where furnishing companies like Fülhaus come into play, offering an innovative and efficient solution to transform your space into a design that books. At the heart of this solution is Ludwig, an AI-powered virtual design assistant that simplifies the entire furnishing process.

Ludwig is designed to understand your space, preferences, and budget. By leveraging a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, Ludwig creates a personalized design proposal for your property. Simply upload any inspiration image, and Ludwig will instantly design a furniture plan informed by your image. 

This proposal includes a meticulously curated selection of furniture, decor, and accessories, ensuring that every element complements the property’s aesthetic and fulfills the requirements of a comfortable and stylish stay. Order it all from one place at the click of a button.

And if doing it yourself feels like too much, for an additional fee, you can hire the Fülhaus team of professional interior designers as a turnkey service. Fülhaus will create seamless and personalized interior design for your property, inclusive of ordering, fulfillment, installation, staging and photography. 

Good design will consistently win over guests

Good design, thoughtful amenities, and a memorable guest experience lead to positive customer reviews. Guests appreciate attention to detail, comfort, and unique touches that set your Airbnb apart. Whether it’s providing local recommendations, offering personalized welcome messages, or incorporating special touches related to the location, the overall design and guest experience can significantly influence reviews. Positive reviews, in turn, improve your reputation, attract more guests, and enhance your overall performance. Now there is more AI to help. 

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