What is AI personalization for Vacation Rental Management (VRM) Companies?


After meeting with 100+ Vacation Rental Management companies in 2022, I’m extraordinarily concerned for 3 primary reasons that compound in seriousness:

While many VRMs are stuck with technology from the early 2000s, there are still hundreds of leading brands adopting best eCommerce practices & OTA-grade artificial intelligence (AI) for maximal scalability. 

So how are these leading VRMs growing direct bookings with AI? 

Pay attention to each guest’s specific preferences & purchasing power, then roll out the red carpet.

Since 2010, industry giants such as Amazon and Airbnb have set the standard for personalized shopping experiences. Customers now expect tailored recommendations at every turn, leaving VRMs no choice but to invest in AI personalization to stay competitive.

Using traditional methods, VRM marketers and data scientists spend weeks organizing guest data to build audience cohorts based on surface-level similarities, which always leads to impersonalized, time-consuming decisions. Real AI-powered personalization can return VRM marketing teams 99% of their bandwidth so they can focus on deploying campaigns instead of putting out data fires.

AI personalization empowers VRMs to deliver custom property recommendations to every guest in real-time and in marketing campaigns, exactly like the OTAs.

AI personalization funnel for VRMs


ai personalization funnel


  • This is exactly how the OTAs are winning.
  • Reduces friction, increases buyer enthusiasm, & converts more direct bookings.

Personalized Recommendations

    • Predict perfect properties for each guest based on their intent.
    • Best to use on home page, end-of-property pages, blogs, email campaigns, and abandoned browse flows.  
    • Deployed with just 1 line of code, this widget matches your website’s existing styles & templates.

Personalized Email Marketing

  • Personalized recommendations in every email.
  • Best to use on all campaigns, abandoned cart flows, and other automated emails.

Personalized Search Results

  • Personalized search sort order to increase conversion & revenue per guest.
  • Spoon-feed guests optimal properties to increase revenue per booking. 
  • Guests can still filter the sort order, but the results still populate more intelligently.

Personalized Reviews


  • Personalized reviews based on guest preferences.
  • Reduce friction and increase buyer enthusiasm by serving relevant details.


Track Record

As we move into the cookieless future of 2024 and beyond, it’s more critical than ever to stay ahead especially because integrating AI/ML takes time. Otherwise, VRMs risk falling further behind while the OTAs continue to run full speed with AI personalization.

Since AI is always awake, always learning, and always improving – Aidaptive enables VRMs to scale their direct & repeat booking business on auto-pilot. Real AI engines serve as an all-in-one data scientist, machine learning engine, and deployment platform. 

As you can see from our track record, AI-powered personalized booking experiences win against a static experience every time:

Experts predict AI will impact 80% of jobs by 2024, so empowering your team with OTA-grade AI is the only way to double your revenue efficiently without doubling your workforce. Ultimately, humans that are empowered with AI personalization will outperform those that run from it. Whether you’re a scaling VRM or an enterprise brand, reach me anytime if you’re interested in learning how AI-empowered teams have a qualitative edge. I’m here as a resource to make reliable referrals, eCommerce strategy recommendations, expose AI vaporware, and share interesting frontline insights. 


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Evan Dolgow
Evan leads the predictive hospitality efforts at Aidaptive, helping property managers of all shapes and sizes realize the value in their data.

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