Bearbottom Clothing Lifts Revenue by 22% with AI/ML-powered personalized shopping experiences

personalized site search

Expanding personalization

A few months after launching predictive recommendations on their Shopify store, the Bearbottom Clothing team wanted to expand predictive personalization to more touchpoints across their website.

(If you’re asking what a predictive recommendation is, you can read the full guide here.)

The next step was website search.

Personalized product recommendations are one of the most important touchpoints in the shopping journey. 

Website search is one of the other critical revenue touchpoints to optimize with recommendations

If you aren’t convinced of that yet, here’s why.

eCommerce website search

Of all the website visitors landing on your site, how many are using the search bar? 

It depends on the store. Some have high search usage, others not so much. Some products are highly searchable; some are better with filtering only; some best doing browse.

But here’s the big picture: eCommerce site search is a core element of product discovery. It is one significant way people find your products.

Search has proven itself over and over as a valuable touchpoint for D2C brands:

In fact, we see this when looking specifically at Bearbottom Clothing’s site traffic. The conversion rate is wild: 30%+ of visitors who use the search bar end up converting into purchases. 

That’s almost 1/3 of users making a purchase after using the search bar!

So… needless to say, this touchpoint is valuable.

But what happens when an D2C brand like Beartbottom Clothing optimizes their search with predictive personalization? 

Predictive search

Out-of-the-box search for an eCommerce platform like Shopify is weak. No need to beat around the bush. We’ve heard the complaint over and over.

While there are a host of features that improve search experiences for shoppers… one stands out.

Predictive search builds upon intelligent, powerful search with machine learning personalization. 

It predicts the interests and preferences of each person on the site, and then dynamically updates search results based on that person’s likelihood to purchase.

Personalized search is akin to attaching a rocket engine behind the shopping funnel – it gets strapped on the moment a customer clicks the search bar. 

Historical data is merged in real-time with online shopper behavior to instantly generate an understanding of that customer’s profile, which is reflected in the search results they end up seeing.

You can learn more in this full, clear-cut guide to predictive search

Bearbottom used Aidaptive’s Predictive Search to drive more revenue from their shoppers.

Personalized search = revenue

For us marketers, everything is a test. 

So naturally, the CMO and his team at Bearbottom ran an experiment using Aidaptive’s predictive search to evaluate impact. 

The results were terrific:

  • Average Order Value from predictive search was 38% higher than the control.
  • The real Revenue-per-Visitor grew 22% for shoppers in the test group.

Specifically, personalized site search had a huge impact on revenue metrics – and unsurprisingly that’s what their leadership cared about. 


It’s not always often where the introduction of a fully automated optimization solution drives pure, net-new dollars.

Predictive personalization is that solution.

Between predictive search and predictive recommendations, the Bearbottom team has automatically grown conversions, revenue, order value, and clickthrough across their Shopify store.

And all of that without any additional wasted time.

To learn more about how easy it was for the Bearbottom Clothing team to get setup – or how predictive search can get launched within hours on your store – get in touch with our team!


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