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We believe every company should be able to call itself a Machine Learning company. Our goal in starting Jarvis ML was to build the Machine Learning as a Service platform to make that vision a reality for emerging, growth-stage and enterprise level companies that have one thing in common: data that can be better utilized.


What our customers are seeing:

  • Bearbottomclothing.com achieves 22% revenue increase in less than 90 days.
  • Waggfluence.com boosts average order value (AOV) by 33% with Aidaptive.
  • Geminisound.com rocks 73% increase in conversion rate with predictive recommendations and search.
  • Exceptional Stays Vacation Rentals books 84% more revenue with personalized vacation experiences.
  • Host & Stay grows direct booking revenue 235% with Predictive Personalization.

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Automatically personalized recommendations for eCommerce & Hospitality


share of web consumers

Web consumers are frustrated when web experiences are not personalized.


share of web consumers

Web consumers think the search box is the most important part of a website.


conversion rate

Website conversion rate grows dramatically for users who can successfully use site search.


Continuously more effective site search personalization

Predict search intent and affinity faster

You’re sitting on treasure: data in your tools and clicks on your site. Use more of both to gain customer intelligence in real-time and power more relevant results.

Deliver personalized search results

Deliver more relevant search results and product recommendations from the jump that build trust, drive engagement, and result in conversion sooner.

Convert more searches and boost loyalty

Adapt every future search to the customer as they engage. Increasing conversion rates, order values, return customers, and customer lifetime value.

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“The Jarvis team is really good. They were very clear on how to get started, and within 24 hours we were live. They’re open to feedback on our calls – it’s a good experience.”

Silas Lepcha

GM of Product & Marketing

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