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“The conversion metric is pretty black and white. Here is your conversion rate as it stands today – and here is your conversion rate with the personalization. There’s a clear-cut lift.”
Francis Adanza
CEO and Co-Owner, Online Cycling Gear
"Aidaptive has really helped us personalize recommendations and web pages to specific customers. Obviously as we work to build a company the risk of that is: the bigger the institution, the smaller the customer. So the challenge and the art form is to have relatively good resources, but also feel small to customers – intimate and personal – and they've helped us maintain a balance between those two things.”
Clark Twiddy
President, Twiddy & Co
"We have been very happy with Aidaptive’s personalization tools. We utilize their product recommendations and search on our site. Honestly, the best part of working with them is their team. They provide us data and testing (with a control) so we know it works. Both have shown to increase our conversion rates and AOV."
Megan Simon
Chief Operating Officer, Bearbottom Clothing
“I would definitely recommend Aidaptive to other property management businesses. Especially those who are looking to start driving more of their own direct bookings and stop overt reliance on the OTAs.”
Dale Smith
Founder & Director, Host & Stay
“I think there was a meaningful difference between Salesforce and Aidaptive results because the Aidaptive machine learning continuously retrained and improved its models.”
Shelley Tolbert
Director of Marketing, Twiddy
“Aidaptive introduced personalized widgets across our Shopify -- this led to more clicks, more people staying on the site longer, more conversions, and it affected a variety of other KPIs that are all getting better and better.”
David Cabasso
VP of Product Dev & Marketing, Gemini
“The Aidaptive team is really good. They were very clear on how to get started, and within 24 hours we were live. They’re open to feedback on our calls – it’s a good experience.”
Silas Lepcha
GM of Product and Marketing, Waggfluence