90 Days to Black Friday: “Last Year Wasn’t Great But It Might Work This Year.”

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Black Friday’s Relentless Countdown

Here we go again, folks! As we hurtle towards another Black Friday, it’s a lot like watching your favorite movie on repeat. We all know the drill: brainstorming deals that sound exciting on paper, spying—err, “researching” competitors and crafting content that we hope will be the next viral sensation.

And, oh boy, the advice out there! Every guru and their grandmother seem to have the secret sauce, the magical elixir for Black Friday success. Deja vu, anyone?

But lo and behold, the life of us marketers: drowning in to-do lists, one coffee away from a caffeine-induced existential crisis.

With the avalanche of work approaching, one can’t help but daydream of shortcuts. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a magical button that’ll make it all a breeze? Hey, a marketer can dream!

“I’m prepping early this year to avoid the hurt,” said no one ever…until The Sales Rapper dropped that banger on the “CRO Anthem: Black Friday Edition.”

Questions Popping in Our Over-caffeinated Minds:

  • Can we rig—sorry, “set”—some structures now to avoid last-minute panic attacks?
  • How many test runs can we sneak in before D-Day so that November doesn’t turn into a big, fat blooper reel?

BF Prep: Autopilot or Auto-panic?

Let’s be honest. Maintaining a steady conversion rate is like trying to balance a spoon on your nose.

Yes, Black Friday numbers are the unicorns of sales, magical and elusive. But, the mighty CRO tactics can be the knight in shining armor. So, why not toss some AI fairy dust and watch the magic unfold three months earlier?

So, What’s This AI Everyone’s Babbling About?

Step aside because the new kid on the block is Generative AI. It creates. It generates. It looks at data and tries to make something similar. (ChatGPT, Midjourney, Creative.AI, Bard, DALL-E, DeepMind and countless others are designed to build content.)

It’s the cool one, with the leather jacket and sunglasses indoors. Think of it as the AI that doesn’t just crunch numbers but writes poetry—metaphorically speaking.

But wait, what about the other tasks? Who handles the behind-the-scenes grunt work? What about analytics, CRO, logistics, shipping, and forecasting? Enter Predictive AI, our unsung hero. It’s the AI that predicts if Jane Doe, who clicked on Ad X, loved Campaign Y, and has a weird fondness for Zebra-striped socks, might buy those neon green sneakers.

It’s pure magic if you don’t know the trick.

AI and CRO: The Power Couple of the Century

Just imagine an AI platform that makes predictions about which products, people, & contexts lead to sales. That’s it. 

These AI-models are designed for one goal: converting more Black Friday shoppers with higher AOV.

You’re already building segments, testing different landing pages, and adding and removing various widgets to optimize performance. This AI platform just sweetens the deal.

While your team is setting up pages, campaigns, deals, and workflows, the AI automatically deploys these conversion predictions wherever you can imagine: audience segmentation, product recommendations, website search, email/SMS, reviews, category page ordering, pricing, and more.

Ecom’s Gold Rush

Prepping for Black Friday is like gearing up for an epic marathon—one with shopping carts instead of water stations. Here’s the kicker: introducing Predictive AI now gives it ample time to, well, predict. By the time Black Friday rolls in, your site isn’t just ready; it’s armed with an AI crystal ball.

Imagine setting up a treasure hunt but giving the AI an early map. By the time shopping season comes around, your Predictive AI isn’t just participating; it’s already deciphered where X marks the spot and it takes you there. The earlier you deploy a Predictive AI solution, the better it knows where to dig, what tools you need, and how fast you can get there.

Those treasure chests? They’re filled with insights on customer behavior, conversion sweet spots, and gold nuggets of eCommerce wisdom.

So, will AI save us marketers from late-night panic attacks and the caffeine overload? You tell me. It’s up to you to decide.

Now, Let’s Talk Business

Whose quote is this? Albert Einstein? Al-Anon? Narcotics Anonymous? Max Nordau? George Bernard Shaw? Samuel Beckett? George A. Kelly? Rita Mae Brown? John Larroquette? Jessie Potter? Werner Erhard? I guess we will never know.

However, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is not practical. We all know that. We are on a mission to break you free.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are more than just shopping days—it’s an opportunity to set your eCommerce brand on the right path. Repeating what was done in the past years isn’t always the best strategy, especially if everyone else is doing the same thing. Very few brands have nailed their Black Friday strategies last year, while most have missed the mark. Remember, mistakes made during this period aren’t just about immediate sales loss. They may drastically reduce returning customer rates and future revenue for your business, ultimately jeopardizing your growth objectives.

I can guarantee you that you won’t be that brand. Right?

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