[Video] VRMs Must Run Towards Their Data and Treat it as An Asset

Introduction to Technology for Hospitality

In the competitive landscape of Vacation Rentals (VRM) and Short Term Rentals (STR), property managers must embrace technology to control their own destiny. 

Evan Dolgow – leading the predictive hospitality movement within Aidaptive – walks us through an understanding of STR & VRM technology in this video. He will simplify data, introduce advanced technologies, & unbundle OTAs to dive deeper into the data you already have to unlock your most valuable asset. 

By leveraging your existing data, Evan Dolgow presents easy ways to immediately transform your direct booking website into an advanced e-commerce operation to scale like an OTA.

This presentation was done live at the Scale Rentals Conference in Barcelona, May 2022. We’ve re-recorded it to share more broadly to empower STR property managers and vacation rental management professionals to feel comfortable with their data, with technology, and provide actionable steps to take this week to improve your direct booking performance.


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More on Evan Dolgow

Evan’s LinkedIn Profile

Evan is an innovative real estate entrepreneur and early disruptor in two of the hottest asset classes: warehousing and short-term rentals (STR). Trained by world-renowned hoteliers at the Rosen College of Hospitality, Evan acquired his first STR at the age of 19.

Following a master’s degree in Sustainable Real Estate Technology from NYU, Evan co-founded Enhance Acquisitions. He’s currently developing millions of square feet of warehouse fulfillment centers to support the e-commerce boom.

After partnering Enhance’s portfolio with a major developer, Evan joined Aidaptive – founded by the ex-Google AI leadership. As the Head of Predictive Hospitality, Evan boosts direct booking websites with OTA-grade machine learning to transform them into advanced e-commerce operations.

By predicting what guests want before they have the thought, Evan leverages a best-in-class tech ecosystem to blur the line between hotels and STRs. He leads by a simple principle: “If you make the stage grand, guests will assume their roles.

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