[Info Sheet] Running a Data Assessment for Your Vacation Rental Business


Discover what machine learning predicts about your revenue potential. This info sheet breaks down what you can expect from a data assessment. Download the PDF here.

Why would you invest in a data assessment when you’re busy with competing priorities?

We’d like to arm you with the knowledge of what a data assessment is, what it takes to run it with Jarvis ML, and the value you’d get. With that perspective, you can make an informed decision.

What is a data assessment?

Jarvis ML’s data assessment is a way to identify what kind of opportunity your business has for additional revenue growth. The assessment analyzes the amount, quality, types, and usability of your core business data. The output is a quantitative report of trends and predictions, which is delivered during a strategic review session.


30 Minute Introductory Meeting

  • prior to kicking off a data assessment, we’ll meet to learn a little bit more about your business

$0.00 fee

  • Jarvis ML provides data assessments free of charge.

10 Minutes per Data Source to Grant Access

  • Someone within your company will need to provide access to your core data sources. This can be via read-only login credentials to your systems or via exports. If you provide 3 core business data sources, it should be about a 30 minute investment.

Your Data is in Good Hands. Our internal data security measures are state- of-the-art, and we’ll sign an NDA so you can rest assured.


  • Jarvis ML will ingest any and all of the data provided. Typically this starts with property, website, customer, and marketing data.
  • Jarvis ML’s enterprise-grade machine learning engine will map the different data sources into a uniform format, then run statistical models to learn the patterns and correlations that achieve your business goals. (This is where the magic happens.)
  • After processing, the system will generate an interactive analytics dashboard with historical trends, forecasts for future performance, and other metrics.
  • The machine learning mathematical models will generate predictions for what combination of prices, properties, customers, and timeframes lead to the best revenue, profit, and conversion rates.


Potential Revenue Prediction

  • The system will provide the actual dollar amount of additional revenue that would have been generated if the Jarvis ML platform was being used over the last 12 months.

60 Minute Review Meeting

  • The Jarvis ML team will share a report of the findings, and present a business review of the possibilities for optimization and growth based on your data – for example: where your website activity or guest booking history shows opportunity to improve conversion rates through automated personalization.

Enhanced Perspective

  • You’ll understand whether your business could benefit from a machine learning engine – and if so, how much. Or, you’ll discover why your business isn’t ready for that kind of optimization yet.

What would you do with a 15% increase in monthly revenue? A data assessment can identify it.

The Jarvis ML data assessment is a low cost, high leverage tool you can equip to discover opportunities to improve your guest acquisition strategy. If there is low hanging fruit to utilize your data for better efficiency, profitability, or just plain growth – this is a powerful mechanism to uncover it. It just takes a little time to get started.

Now you know what it will cost you, how it works, and what you’ll get.

If you’re interested in hearing what your data says about your business potential, contact the Jarvis ML team to schedule an introductory meeting.

Jarvis ML guides companies on how to best utilize their business data to grow revenue and solve their most important challenges.

Our advanced machine learning organizes all of your booking, property, customer, and marketing data to draw meaningful connections and power on-the-spot decision making. You’ll be equipped to personalize your customer journey; calculate the highest-converting prices and properties; and grow revenue predictably.


TL;DR: “In a nutshell, you provide read-only access to your data sources, say PMS, Google Analytics, and CRM, and Jarvis ML will come back with a prediction of what’s possible.” Download the Guide here.

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