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• Use enterprise-grade predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to power product discovery and search, product recommendations, merchandising, content, marketing enablement and personalization, and much more.
• Automatically optimize conversion rates.
• Deliver personalized shopping experiences to anonymous and returning shoppers across multiple channels.
• Effectively capitalize on first-party data.
• Boost ROAS, LTV, and more.

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Why Aidaptive? Founded by the Google AI team behind Google Ads and Payments’ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning infrastructure, Aidaptive is powering the next generation of digital commerce with an enterprise-grade artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics platform built by the world’s top engineers with your store’s needs in mind. 

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The landscape of DTC ecommerce is rapidly evolving, and brands must seize the AI advantage to thrive in this dynamic environment. 

Giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are reshaping the rules of audience targeting, leaving businesses with a stark choice: leverage their existing data to personalize every aspect of their websites or face the risk of obsolescence. With mounting digital marketing costs, heightened competition, and e-commerce readjustments, the integration of AI becomes imperative for survival and growth in the DTC space.

Additionally, after surveying 100’s of DTC executives and team members, here’s what we have learned about some of their key challenges:

  • Limited internal resources and budget constraints
  • Difficulty in accurately predicting customer behavior and demand
  • Inefficiency in managing and analyzing large amounts of customer data
  • Keeping up with evolving digital marketing trends and technologies
  • Maintaining a personalized and seamless customer experience across various channels

If these items sound familiar, let’s chat. We are confident we can help your business grow.

Don’t take just our word for it:

“From a hard number standpoint, we saw clearly an increase in clickthrough rates on the recommendations and searches, on revenue per customer and visitor to the site, to the cart size, and the overall conversion rate, they all improved significantly.”

Josh Firestone

CMO, Bearbottom Clothing

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